The Void

Voidens have existed for longer than the gods can remember. They were here before the gods. Without them, aura would not recycle rapidly enough for the gods to exist. With no gods, there would be nothing to manipulate aura into life.

They say they were a civilization that grew up alongside the stars. They were the light and the light hated the void. But the stars eventually learned that the energy that fueled them was not permanent. The stars cried, they begged the void to help them as they endured a slow and painful death. Virtuosic, the void said it would help the stars and offered its own aura to the dying lights. In exchange, the stars must return the energy when the void begins to die.

The void was a kind hearted angel, it burned none of the aura and could have lived without the stars, but it did not want to be alone. Its beautiful angels continue what the void started, recycling aura throughout the universe to keep stars burning and life alive. They, too, are afraid of being alone.

Their presence in the universe was brighter than the stars. The stars had children of their own, the Architects, powerful creatures from the fiery, burning energy of the stars. The stars thought the Architects were better than the dark angels, but they were proved wrong. The stars became jealous…